The Ukrainian Information Service (UIS London) is an information bureau established in London during the 1970s as the successor of the Ukrainian Publishers. Originally, the aim of UIS London was the dissemination of factual information about Ukraine, in particular, Ukrainian politics, history and current affairs. 


Since its inception, UIS London has liaised with government officials, think tank organisations, the mass media and charities working to raise the profile of Ukraine in the UK and strengthening bilateral relations.


Although the nature of work UIS London undertook altered after Ukrainian independence, the basic tenets of promoting, advocating and strengthening Ukraine has remained.


The Ukrainian Information Service - London



The Ukrainian Information Service - Kyiv 




Address: Yaroslaviv Val 9, Kyiv 01034, Ukraine


Email: uis.presscenter@gmail.com

Website: ukrpohliad.org

Facebook: facebook.com/ukrpohliad

Twitter: @ukrpohliad



Liberation Movement Research Centre & National Memorial Museum "Prison on Lonskoho" 



Address: Bandera Street 1, 

Lviv 79000, Ukraine 


Email: history@cdvr.org.ua

Website: www.cdvr.org.ua

Facebook: facebook.com/cdvrua

Twitter: @cdvrua